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What is the Best Placeit Alternative in 2022?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

You've probably heard of Placeit, the online branding and marketing design tool that's used to make graphic banners, logos, and more. While it's a great platform with a ton of features and tools, some users find the very limited usability and old-fashioned templates to be a turn off.

Snapied alternative of Placeit

So what do you do if you're one of those users? Your search for a Placeit alternative, of course! And that's where Snapied comes in.

Snapied is an easy-to-use online graphic designing platform that offers a variety of templates and features that are perfect for non-graphic designers. Plus, it's free to use!

In this post, we'll show you how to use Snapied to create designs, as well as give you a few additional Placeit alternatives you can try.

Let's get started!

What Snapied Offers That Placeit Doesn't

So you're looking for a Placeit alternative? Well, look no further! Snapied is a great online design platform that offers tons of features that Placeit doesn't.

For starters, Snapied has ready-made templates that are easy to use and customizable. Plus, our library of stock photos and icons is vast and ever-growing, so you can find the perfect visuals for your project. And our customer service is top-notch—we're always happy to help!

Here are some of the notable features and tools you’ll find in the editor:

  • Easy to Use: Snapied is an easy-to-use online graphic designing platform that lets you create and manage your professional-quality marketing material for free.

  • Huge collection of quotes in almost all categories.

  • Ready-Made Templates – You instantly have access to thousands of free templates for different kinds of designs and posts. You can customize, edit, and save your template designs if you want.

  • Stock Photo Library – You get access to thousands of stock photos from various online libraries. You can download and use them directly using the editor.

  • Icons – There are various third-party integrations that allow you to use various icons. That includes social media icons, stockers, and more.

  • My Files – This option allows you to upload your own assets and files.

  • Illustrations – Unlike most online design tools, you can add custom vectors and illustrations to your designs.

  • Elements – You can also add various design elements like shapes, directional arrows, and more.

  • Brandify – If you make a lot of designs that require various brand colors, fonts, and logos, you can upload those presets to the editor. After that, you’ll find those presets ready to be implemented whenever you start a new design.

  • Blend – This allows you to create custom blends of colors.

  • Workspaces – You can create and work on multiple edits, designs, and projects at the same time. More importantly, multiple team members can work on various projects simultaneously.

  • Download options: Snapied offers the following import formats as of now: JPG, PNG, SVG, Webp, PDF (Single and multiple pages), Transparent images

  • The quality scale ranges from 1x to 5x. Snapied downloads the images in 300 dpi by default.

  • Embeddable Design Editor: Yes, Snapied's design editor is embeddable. You have a website and you want to be able to design graphics. You need a graphic design editor that is white label, so it can be embedded into your website or platform. Snapied is for you!

  • Favorite items: You can mark a template, image, illustration, quote, etc you favorite to use later.

  • Split images into smaller grids.

  • Fonts: Snapied lets you select a font from a list of common fonts and also lets you upload your font files.

  • Background Remove: one click to remove any image background.

Furthermore, you also have various basic design tools like layering, shadows, overlays, borders, opacity, resizing, alignment, and several photo effects.

How to Use Snapied to Create Designs

Snapied—the online design platform that's easy to use and packed with modern templates and graphics. Whether you need to create a banner, logo, or social media post, Snapied has you covered.

Here's how to get started:

1. Simply select the type of design you want to create.

2. Choose a template, and

3. Start customizing. You can add text, images, and shapes, and even resize and rotate elements to get the perfect look.

When you're finished, simply download your design and share it with the world. It's that easy!

The sizes we have listed are as follows:

  • Custom size (Add the width and height of your design if you know these already otherwise you can choose one from the suggestions.)

  • Instagram Post (1080×1080)

  • Instagram Story (1080×1920)

  • Twitter Post (1600×900)

  • Facebook Post (940×788)

  • Facebook Story (1080×1920)

  • Linkedin Post (1200×1200)

  • Pinterest Pin (1000×1500)

  • Facebook Profile Cover (851×315)

  • Twitter Header (1500×500)

  • Facebook Page Cover (851×315)

  • Facebook Event Cover (1920×1080)

  • Facebook Group Cover (1640×856)

  • Linkedin Banner (1584×396)

  • Youtube Channel Art (2560×1440)

  • Youtube End Screen (1920×1080)

  • Youtube Thumbnails (1280×720)

  • Twitch Offline Banner (1920×1080)

  • Twitch Profile Banner (1920×480)

  • Etsy Banner (3360×840)

  • Patreon Banner (1600×400)

  • Wattpad Cover (512×800)

  • Email Header (600×200)

  • Podcast Cover Art (3000×3000)

  • Ebook Cover (1600×2560)

  • Amazon Kindle (1600×2560)

  • Twitch Panel (320×160)

  • Blog Featured Image (1200×1600)

  • Product Hunt (1270×760)

  • Ecommerce Hero Image (2000×2000)

  • Shopify Image (2048×2048)

  • Soundcloud (2480×520)

  • Medium Rectangle Ad (300×200)

  • Instagram Ad (1080×1080)

  • Twitter Ad (1600×900)

  • Facebook Ad (1200×628)

  • Half Page Ad (300×600)

  • Leaderboard Ad (728×90)

  • Wide Skyscraper Ad (160×600)

  • Image Quote (1080×1080)

  • Infographic (800×2000)

More are coming soon!

Additional Placeit Alternatives You Can Use

Placeit has various offerings and that makes it an alternative to several different kinds of online tools. For example, it’s an alternative to Dunnnk for smartmockups, product mockups, t-shirt mockups, photorealistic mockups, and more.

However, if you’re looking for more options, here’s a list of the best Placeit alternatives you can find today:

1. Canva

Canva is an easy-to-use design tool that offers a lot of functionality with its designs and creation tool. It’s best known for its drag and drop tool that makes it extremely easy to create new designs quickly and efficiently.

2. Design Evo

Design Evo, is one of the free alternatives for Placeit. It’s a custom logo maker and design tool and is dedicated to logo creation.

You can use Design Evo on Windows and Mac (Macbook and iMac). You don’t need to download the software or install any plugin.

3. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a free-to-use design tool for designing images, short videos, and web pages. It’s an ideal alternative to Placeit for creating stunning videos and images.

It can be used on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and most Apple devices. You can design everything from intros to complete social media videos.

4. Stencil

Stencil is a cloud-based graphic design application that allows users to create quick visuals. It’s optimized for marketers, small businesses, and bloggers.

It has a freemium model, including various payment plans. It offers various Chrome extensions, background photos, customization options, and more.

5. Glorify

Glorify, is an online mockup tool that lets you create product mockups and designs. It’s known for its drag and drop tool and multiple layout system that lets you create quick marketing visuals for blogs, ads, social media, and websites.

6. BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is an AI-powered logo creator that lets you create high-quality logos. It’s known as a DIY logo maker and is one of the quickest logo makers on the internet.

However, being the quickest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Being quick means you have limited customization options.

7. Vistacreate

Vistacreate is a multi-purpose design application. It’s mostly known for how easy it is to create web graphics and social media images on the platform. With numerous templates, formats, and pre-existing assets, it helps people make designs, posts, and videos.

Vistacreate also has a massive collection of more than 500,000 photos. You can utilize them in all forms of designs and videos.

8. Fotor

Fotor is a one-in-all content creation design tool that offers extensive editing capabilities. You can find everything from mood changes, photo effects, and single-click filters.

It’s mostly used for social media; more specifically, people use it for Snapchat and Instagram. That’s because Fotor also lets you make collages and social posts, and offers quick image fixes.

Choosing the Ideal Placeit Alternative

We're a simple, easy-to-use online graphic design tool that's perfect for both professional and non-designers. With our help, you can create amazing designs quickly and easily, without having to learn any complex software.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a try today and see for yourself how easy we are to use!

So what are you waiting for? Give Snapied a try today and see for yourself how easy we are to use!


We hope you enjoyed this article on Placeit alternatives. As you can see, there are plenty of great options to choose from, so don't feel limited by Placeit's limited functionality and outdated templates.

With Snapied, you can create designs that are both professional and stylish, without having to learn complex design software or spend hours working on your projects.

Give Snapied a try today and see how easy and fun it is to create beautiful designs!


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