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How to enhance photos with AI-powered app?

Why using AI photo editing tool?

Artificial intelligence photo editors are designed to do automatic image editing alterations that would normally require a significant amount of time and effort. Many photographers will spend hours retouching a single image. However, AI photo editors enable creative design personnel to do the task in less than 5 minutes.

I have found a useful tool to help you with photo editing, and this tool is especially useful for enhancing photos.

This tool is called, and it’s founder Jeffery Tang said “ We wanted to created something to empower more people to design easily and create their business quickly without learning Photoshop.” Their clients include e-commerce stores, travel agencies, graphic design companies, churches, NGOs, video production companies, etc.

What can deliver?

Online businesses such as Amazon and Shopify require product photos to have white background. has a desktop app and API to batch process photos in a few seconds and turn all the photos into qualified ones with its image background remover feature.

For individual users, they also have a mobile app called Vividit on Apple Store and Google Play to allow you edit photos on the go.

Not only so, they have a wide selection of tools such as ones to restore black and white photos, fix blurry or damaged photos, turn portraits into cartoons or animation, blur photo background, cut out video background, etc. You may also make your passport-size photographs without having to hire a professional photographer.

Let’s have a look at what some of the features they have in details:

Removes the background

The background remover use cutting-edge artificial intelligence to eliminate the background of any topic, whether it is a person, animal, item, vehicle, graphic, icon, symbol, or plant. After deleting the backdrop, you have a variety of options for replacing it with anything else or leaving it blank.

Photo Retouch

This allows you to swiftly retouch photographs and magically eliminate undesired components. You may, for example, eliminate tourists or any other item from a vacation shot. With this easy approach, you can edit photographs in seconds and make them more aesthetically attractive on social media.

Photo Colorizer

Photo colorizer colorizes your old black and white photos using powerful artificial intelligence to recognize skin and other tones. It's difficult to see the difference between the original colors and the A. I produced the image because the end effect is so natural. All you have to do now is upload your photo to the image colorizer.

Photo Enhancer

The most complex and useful feature for users is definitely the image enhancer. It improves your fuzzy and noisy photos. Images are de-blurred and denoised. The photographs are so sharply focused that it's hard to tell the difference between a camera-focused image and a processed image.

Cartoon Selfie

After processing your photo, the cartoon selfie tool presents you with a variety of cartoon images. You may use the A.I tool to turn yourself into a male, kid, or female form of yourself. Using these animated graphics as your profile photos is a lot of fun.

Passport Photo Maker

The ID photo tool will recognize the face and present you with all of the resolutions and sizes that are commonly used throughout the world. After you've chosen your preferred size, you'll be sent to an editing area where you may modify the backdrop and add additional clothing to your photo. Service Review is one of the greatest photo editing programs you'll find. They've gone to great lengths to make this all-in-one application user-friendly and to eliminate any intricacies that a layperson could find difficult to comprehend.

Rex is working for a travel business, he commented about’s ID photo tool: “ it requires me to make passport and visa photos for customers on a regular basis. We choose Passport Photo Maker after experimenting with numerous choices since it contains everything we require. Previously, I had to create multi-layered presets in Photoshop, but now I can select appropriate ID templates from the app library. I no longer need to trim or alter photographs in other programs, which saves me a significant amount of time!”


If you’re looking for a free online graphic designer, start using Snapied today. We have tons of features and plan to introduce many new ones as we upgrade our software.

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