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How to Create a logo that will stand out: 3 Things to Consider

Your logo is an important part of your brand and it can help you stand out from the competition, and how Snapied can help you create designs that stand out.

Creating a Logo: 3 Things to Consider
Creating a Logo: 3 Things to Consider

But how do you create a logo that will make your brand look great?

Here are 3 things to consider:

Does It Stand Out

When it comes to branding, there are a few things that firms must take into account in order to create an effective and recognizable logo. first, the logo should be distinctive enough to grab attention but not too ostentatious or flashy. Second, it should be easy to identify and use on products or websites. Finally, it should be able to accurately reflect the company’s identity and goals.

A company’s logo is important for two reasons:

  • Represents the company to potential customers and

  • Because it helps identify the company in a competitive environment

There are several things to consider when creating a logo, including:

  1. Is The Font Representative Of The Brand Paragraph: Fonts are important when designing a logo because they can help identify the brand and its values. It is also helpful if the font is representative of the company culture and what people might expect from the brand.

  2. Does The Logo Fit In With The Company Culture Paragraph: When designing a logo, it is important to make sure that it fits with the company culture and what people might expect from the brand. If it isn’t correctly chosen, it could cause confusion and create a negative image for the company.

  3. Check copyrighted images or designs in the logo. If so, it needs to be licensed and/or properly credited.

  4. How big or small should the logo be?

  5. How visible is the logo on your product?

  6. What kind of color should it be?

Is It Marketable

Similar to how you decide if a logo is worth standing out from the rest, you also need to take into consideration how well it will be marketed. A good logo should be easily understood and resonate with the target market, and it should also be attractive enough to make people want to buy or use the product. It's also important to consider how well the logo will match the company's colors and branding.

When creating a logo, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Is the logo marketable? This means can it be seen by other businesses and make them want to buy or use the product? If not, then it may need to be redesigned.

  2. Is the branding? How will people identify the company's name and logo?

  3. Should it be simple or complex? Complexity often sells better than simplicity.

  4. Is the type of font used? Conservative or more liberal fonts can be used for logos and sales materials.

  5. Is the size of the logo. It should be small enough that it doesn’t distract from the product but large enough so that it can easily be seen on products.

  6. Does the company have an associated website? If not, create one and brand it as part of the company’s identity.

Once you have a good idea of how well your logo will be remembered, it’s time for development.

Would You Wear It

This question is tough to answer because there are many factors involved in the decision of whether or not someone will wear your product. Some things to consider include: will the logo be seen on a hoodie? Will your favorite superhero wear it on his chest? Is the design offensive? If so, it isn’t very universal or useful.

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the type of logo you are creating and the intended audience. For example, while designing a logo for yourself may be easy enough, if you are designing a logo for a clothing brand you have to think about how your design will be used by potential consumers of that product.


Final thoughts

Creating a great logo can help your product stand out on the market. If it's not Marketable, then it won't be sold. However, if it is and you would wear it, then your product will be more likely to be sold. By implementing a promotional strategy and looking at customer feedback, you can create a logo that is both Marketplace-friendly and marketable.


Snapied is a simple yet powerful online graphic design tool that helps both professional and non-designers create amazing designs easily and quickly. Snapied has integrations with Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, and iStock.

Snapied- graphic designing platform for professional and non-designers
Snapied- graphic designing platform for professional and non-designers

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