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5 principles for better designer-developer collaboration - Snapied

In order to have effective designer-developer collaborations, there are five key principles that need to be followed: start with a plan, set expectations, keep communication open, agree on a project timeline, and set clear priorities. By doing so, everyone involved will be able to work more effectively together and create a better product.

1. Start with a plan

The first principle of good designer-developer collaboration is to have a plan. Without a plan, the collaboration will be chaotic, and both parties will be frustrated.

Before starting any project, first develop a rough outline of what you want to achieve. This will help you ensure that you are both working towards the same objective.

2. Set expectations

The second principle of better designer-developer collaboration is to set clear expectations. Both parties need to know what they are expected to do, and what responsibilities they have.

If one party does not stick to their expectations, the collaboration will be doomed from the start. Make sure to outline what is required from both parties, and be straightforward about what is expected.

3. Keep communication open

The third principle of better designer-developer collaboration is to keep communication open. Rapport is key in any collaboration, and it is important that both parties stay onside.

Regular communication will not only keep the project on track, but also ensure that each party is aware of the progress being made. If communication is not kept open, problems will inevitably arise.

4. Agree on a project timeline

The fourth principle of better designer-developer collaboration is to agree on a project timeline. Without a timeline, the project will almost certainly be delayed.

By agreeing on a timeline, both parties canetermin when the project is due, and know what to expect. This will help to avoid any unexpected delays, and guarantee a high quality finish.

5. Set clear priorities

The fifth and final principle of better designer-developer collaboration is to set clear priorities. Without clear priorities, the project will be unfocused, and both parties will be struggling.

By setting clear priorities, both parties can focus on achieving specific goals. This will help to ensure that the project is completed on time, and with high quality.

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