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4 Things to keep in mind while choosing a Font for your next project (with free font templates)

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

You've probably heard the term "font" thrown around a lot, but what exactly is a font?

A font is a style of type—a set of letters, numbers, and symbols—that have been created or adapted to be used together. It's important to note that fonts are not the same as typefaces. A typeface is a specific design of lettering that may change from one font to another. For example, Times New Roman and Garamond are types of fonts, but they are also both designs of the typeface.

When choosing which font(s) you want for your project, it's important to keep in mind that different fonts convey different messages depending on the context in which they are used. Additionally, you'll want to think about whether or not the tone of your font is conveying the same message as that of your company brand. For instance, if you're running an artistic fashion brand, using serif fonts with sharp edges might be inconsistent with your brand identity.

So, to choose the best font for your next project, keep these things in mind:

1. Be consistent with the theme of your project.

As we know fonts can help us convey the tone, mood, emotion, and intent of the written words, it's important to use fonts accordingly. For example, while writing a white paper, It's better to stick with the professional fonts like Times new roman, Garamond, and bookman Old style.

2. Choose font/s which are readable

The most important aspect of font selection should be its readability. If you have a beautiful font but it's not readable, the purpose of the text is lost on the reader.

3. Don't use too many fonts in one design.

It's imperative that you don't use more than 2 or 3 fonts in one canvas, with that keep in mind if you use varied fonts within one canvas, it will be distracting for the readers because the human mind looks for a pattern, we search for uniformity and synchronization.

4. Don't use similar fonts together.

Don't club similar-looking fonts together as it spoils the aesthetics of the individual fonts, nor do use fonts from one font family. There has to be diversity in your fonts selection to play off the difference between fonts resulting in a beautiful design.


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